Office Relocation Tips for Companies or Businesses

Successful office relocation requires careful planning and organization. The following office relocation tips will help you plan and organize your office relocation process so it achieves only the best possible outcome.

Planning Ahead

Office movers can both be a very complex yet exciting project for any type of business. It needs careful planning and consideration.
Often, the amount of organization and planning you do before your big move defines whether your relocation will be a success or not. To make things easier, consider the following office relocation tips, and as much as possible, use them with a relocation checklist to help guarantee a hassle-free and well-organized office relocation assignment.

Getting Started

  • Start Well, Plan Early: The earlier you start planning your relocation project, the better. Plan at least 9 to 18 months prior to your lease’s expiration date. (This, of course, depends on the size of your business.) During this time, prepare a “Relocation Project Plan” to set out the key dates you will follow when planning and packing for your big move. You can find a lot of free, ready-to-download office relocation checklists online, as well as moving templates and calculators to help organize your office move.
  •  Don’t Do It Alone: Office relocation costs money – that is a fact. Many office relocations projects go awry because companies or businesses wrongly assume that they can save money by not seeking the help of a professional moving company. On the other hand, office relocation mistakes will turn out to be more costly and time-consuming. Engage the services of some office relocation professionals (including office removals, office fit-outs, property solicitors, commercial property agents, your IT team, etc.) to avoid all possible mistakes. Ultimately, it will save you time and money and get you the best results.
  •  Get the Right Office Relocation Team Together: Getting the right team for your office relocation is very crucial. First, you will need a competent project leader who is 100% fit for job. He must be willing to devote time for the project, have enough seniority to make wise decisions, have sufficient experience working within a budget, must be a good communicator, and must be an excellent people and process organizer. Next, gather your internal project team including support from your HR, IT, Finance, and Sales and Marketing departments.
  • Set a Reasonable Budget: Prepare a truthful and realistic office relocation budget to help you minimize the costs of your office relocation. Use a “Moving Costs Calculator” to identify the necessary expenditures of your relocation ahead of time.
  • Use an Office Relocation Checklist: No matter what happens, DO NOT relocate your office without first downloading and using an “Office Relocation Checklist”. It will guide you through all the essentials and necessary steps of an ideal office relocation. Note: It is also loaded with other handy office relocation tips you have least expected – from early planning, preparation, budgeting- down to the actual moving day and settling down in your new office.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Office relocation can be packed with surprises, and often, these are the ones you least expected and did not prepare for. By planning ahead of time and by creating a “Business Continuity Plan”, you can reduce the risks of committing unnecessary mistakes, avoid delay and stress, and keep your relocation cost down to bare minimum.

Using Office Relocation to Review and Upgrade

Office moving is a great opportunity to review and upgrade your telecommunications technology and business systems. Discuss with your IT and telecom consultants about all possible options you can include while relocating your office. Office relocations can also open up new opportunities to review and/or change your service providers to help you lower your operational costs and boost your business’ efficiency.

With these helpful office relocation tips, you can maximize the success of your relocation project and may even, overall, improve your entire business. Read Packing and Moving Tips with Complete Checklist

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