What You Need to Know About Your Moving Company

Choosing a moving company is one of the most important decisions you will make during your move. Choosing a good company can save you a lot of problems and make the difficult process of relocation much easier. Here are some of the things that you need to ask moving companies that you are considering in order to help you make the right decision.

What experience does the company have? To ensure the security of your possessions, it is important that you use a company that is experienced in conducting relocations. Ask how long they have been in Moving and Packing business as well as what training their relocation staff has received.

Is the company insured? Ask the company the name of their insurer and the policy number. You are assured that the company is professional if they have insurance. Never go with a company that is not insured, no matter how low the quote they give you.

What are their rates? You should be careful if a company’s rates are too low relative to those of competing firms, since there may be hidden charges and other costs not included in the quote that would greatly increase the final bill.

If your possessions have to be stored overnight, is the storage facility used owned by the company or by a third party? If possible, you might want to pay a visit to the facility to ensure that your possessions will be secure.

What are the payment terms? Do not pay in full or provide a large deposit before the move is completed. Only pay once the relocation has been completed and an inventory has shown that all your possessions have been moved undamaged. If you see any damaged items, you should verify the damage in the presence of the mover.

How will the moving company handle damaged items? Does it have a replacement policy or will it provide reimbursement?

Will they visit your home beforehand to plan the move? You should not deal with moving companies who will only show up on the day of the move itself, unless you have made an agreement with them beforehand.

What are the different levels of moving and packing services they provide? For instance, can you arrange just to have your possessions moved if you pack them yourself? Will they also offer unpacking services once you get to your new home or office? Can they provide you with other services such as a plumber or carpenter to help you get settled in?

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