Is Saturday good for shifting?

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Moving can be a challenging process, involving inventory management, finding a reliable service, negotiating costs, obtaining transit insurance, and exploring value-added services like short-term storage. It requires meticulous planning and attention to detail, as any mistakes can lead to long-lasting negative effects, making it essential to plan everything perfectly.

How shifting on a weekend is beneficial for you?

Greater Access to relocation services

Moving services are generally less available during weekdays due to busy schedules. However, weekends are a popular time for moving, resulting in more availability and faster times. Some companies also offer discounts for weekend moves, potentially saving customers money in the long run.

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You won’t need to take time off from work.

Many people opt for weekend or weekly off days instead of taking office leave due to tight work schedules and potential monetary loss. Unpaid leave can be a significant issue, making it essential to consider alternative options.

Your children don’t need to miss school.

Weekends are free for kids to attend school and tuition classes, avoiding the inconvenience of moving during weekdays and the need to disturb their schedules. This is a significant advantage.

You won’t need to move during your leisure time.

Relocating on the weekend eliminates the need for sick days or vacation time, allowing you to prepare for the move from home. Moving during the weekend offers a more leisurely approach to packing, moving, unpacking, and settling into a new home. This time allows for proper organization and preparation, which can be especially beneficial for those moving for the first time or those who need to unpack and settle in their new home after the move.

Additional Family Time

Shifting the weekend allows you to attend family events during the week, including birthday parties, sporting events, and school-related functions. This allows you to attend concerts, plays, and other events that are crucial for your child’s growth. Working during the daytime on weekends allows you to attend rare gatherings while having the week to yourself. This also allows you to take your kids to school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon, making it safer for your family.

Weekends are better for traffic.

Weekend relocations are preferable to weekday ones due to the ease of avoiding rush hour traffic. However, it’s important to check for popular activities happening on weekends, as congested traffic can ruin your day. Popular events like concerts can cause traffic congestion, so it’s crucial to plan your relocation accordingly. Ensure to check for these events before planning your move.

Your family and friends can support you.

Having friends and family help with relocation can create a fun atmosphere, help you relax, and allow everyone to have more free time on weekends. However, it’s important to contact them ahead of time to organize their plans. Having a specific approach to asking for help can improve your chances of getting help when needed.

More time for pastimes and side jobs

Hobbies and side hustles can help reduce stress and provide more time for personal activities. Weekend shifts offer open weekdays, allowing more time for hobbies and side hustles.

Service providers are readily available

On a weekday, service providers are readily available, ensuring last-minute needs or equipment are not unavailable until Monday.

Moving on the weekend with sky moves

Skymovers are always available on weekdays as well as on weekends. Our team of professionals is here to move you quickly, safely, and stresslessly, you can contact us as movers near meSaturday and Sunday are the busiest days for moving companies, resulting in less availability of quality service providers and higher prices. However, moving on Saturday allows extra time for unpacking and settling into a new home, while moving on Sunday allows for coordination with the moving company and double-checking for the next day’s relocation

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The best move for both residential and commercial level

Whether you want to move house or office, we are always here both on weekdays and weekends to help you fulfill your needs and requirements for shifting

Storage service

We offer top-notch relocation and storage services, catering to all sizes and needs. We provide flexible,’ mix and match’ services for those with tight budgets or time constraints. Our services are renowned for their efficiency and professionalism. Whether you’re moving large or small, skymovers is the go-to choice for all your relocation needs.

Local service

Being the best local movers in Dubai our trained movers ensure efficient routes from point A to point B. With thorough knowledge of the area, we leave all details and heavy lifting to our experienced service team. We are prepared to make your move a happy one and are available to answer any specific questions related to local moves.

Affordable prices

Fortunately, Skymovers are the most affordable movers in Dubai. We offer the best price offers from leading movers and packers companies, available for house and vehicle relocations on weekends and weekdays. Our company has affordable, safe, and cost-effective options, ensuring a smooth and efficient move for you. We offer cheap movers in Dubai keeping in mind our customer’s budget


Every day is your day. Whether you move your office, house, apartment, or villa on weekdays or a weekend, we offer the same full-service moves on both. The main point during a shift is that you must opt for professional movers for a good move that will offer expert move with a complete packing system of belongings and also offer cheap rates for you. Our company is bonded, insured, and committed to delivering the promised work. We use our fleet of clean trucks and are trained movers who treat you and your belongings with courtesy and excellence

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