Essential Packing Supplies You Must Have for Your Move in Dubai

When it comes to house moving services, many people think that just having boxes and packing tape, plus some newspaper for packing material, is enough. But having the right supplies on hand means that not only will the packing go more smoothly, it will be easier for you to unpack once you get to your new home. Here is a checklist of some essential supplies that you need to prepare:

Boxes : – These are the most basic supplies you need to have. What is important is you buy a variety of boxes to accommodate particular items, to ensure they are not damaged during the move. For instance, for suits and other hanging garments, you should use garment boxes. Glassware and other breakables should be placed in boxes that have partitions, to prevent them from clinking against each other, and getting damaged during the move and this is most important part that is involved in Office moving services.

Labels : – This will save you a lot of time and hassle when you unpack. Labels allow you to quickly identify just what is packed in particular boxes.

Tape : – Aside from packing tape, you should also get reinforced strapping tape for securing the bottom of heavy boxes so they won’t fall open. You should also have tape dispensers as well as scissors handy.

Stretch wrap : – This material will secure drawers and doors of cabinets and bureaus so they won’t pop open. And they leave no residue unlike sticky tape.

Packing paper : – This is used to stuff boxes and prevent breakage. You should have white tissue on hand for packing glass items and other breakables, and blank newsprint or brown paper for other items. Using newspaper might cause ink to stain your possessions. However, you can use newspapers for dishes or other items that can be easily wiped off or washed.

Bubble wrap : – You use this to wrap fragile items, as well as lining the bottom of packing boxes to prevent damage. To save money, you can buy bubble wrap in big rolls and just cut the amount you need. Alternately, you can use foam peanuts for statues and similar items.

Permanent markers : – You use them for writing on labels, as well as making other notations on the boxes.

Sealable plastic bags : – You can use these to store small items such as screws used in assembling furniture.

A small tool kit : – This will come in handy for disassembling and assembling furniture. The kit should have basic tools such as a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches as well as a box cutter.

Notebook : – Have one of these handy for making an inventory of your possessions during the packing process.

By having all these packing materials on hand, house moving in Dubai will be faster and more convenient.

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